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Spread The Word About N&G 2019

Please find here the promotion toolkit including the official Nutrition and Growth 2019 banners, presentation slides, flyers and other material to promote N&G within your network. 

Invite your peers to join you in Valencia for the 6th International Conference on Nutrition and Growth in 2019!

Help us spread the word about N&G 2019!

Social Media

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join the N&G Network to get all news and updates about N&G and the Conference.

Share Our Banners

Post an N&G banner on your website and event calendar and use as your email signature. 
If you need different banner sizes or you have any questions, please contact us.

Horizontal Banner (468x60)

NGC 2019_468X60.png

NGC 2019_468X60.png

Square Banner (250x250)

NGC 2019_250X250.png

NGC 2019_250X250.png

Email Signature

NGC 2019_Email signatures_300X100.png

NGC 2019_Email signatures_300X100.png

Share Our Flyer

NGC 2019 A5.pdf

Use Our PowerPoint Template

Please add these slides at the end of your presentations, at appropriate meetings, and show on screens at events between presentations.

NGC 2019 advert_4.3.pptx

NGC 2019 advert_16.9.pptx


NGC 2019_letterhead.docx

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