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Abbott Nutrition
100 Abbott Park Road AP06C-5 Dept: A6NP
IL 60064
Booth #: 02

Proper nutrition is the foundation for healthy lives, which is why Abbott Nutrition has been developing science-based nutrition products for 113 years. Our goal in developing these products is to support people through all stages of life, from infancy to childhood to adulthood and everywhere in-between, so that they are able to live the fullest life possible.

Ausnutria B.V.
Dokter van Deenweg 150
8025 BM
The Netherlands
Booth #: 06

About Ausnutria With over 100 years of experience in dairy and more than 75 years of expertise in the development and production of infant formula, Ausnutria supports the growth and healthy development of babies and children.  Kabrita, goat milk infant formula, is developed to support a gentle start in the early life of all healthy infants.

Via dei Piani di Monte Savello, 37
Albano Laziale (Rome)
Booth #: 07

Founded in 1980, COSMED is a leading international manufacturer of Cardio Pulmonary and Metabolic Diagnostic Equipment.  COSMED manufactures a full range of Spirometers, Pulmonary Function Test, Body Composition, Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test and Indirect Calorimetry diagnostic equipment. COSMED indirect calorimetry product range includes devices for the accurate measurement of Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) with canopy, mask or with ventilator option for ICU applications. COSMED body composition  systems guarantee fast, accurate and safe body fat analysis of adults, young children and infants (term and pre-term), through the (COSMED patented) air displacement plethysmography technology.

HiPP GmbH & Co. Vertrieb KG
Georg-Hipp-Straße 7
Booth #: 08

HiPP GmbH & Co. Vertrieb KG is Germany's leading manufacturer of baby food with a strong focus on organic premium quality. It offers infant, follow-on and growing-up formula, a huge range of complementary feeding, a product range for pregnant and breastfeeding women and also provides baby care cosmetics. The company is a family-run business which was founded in 1932 and is based in Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria, Germany. HiPP products are exported in 60 countries all over the world.

Mead Johnson Nutritions
2701 patriot boulevard

For over 110 years, Mead Johnson has been a global leader in pediatric nutrition.  We develop, manufacture, market and distribute more than 70 products in over 50 countries; and our employees across the globe are passionate about our mission to nourish the world's children for the best start in life.  The Mead Johnson Pediatric Institute (MJPNI) pioneers new discoveries that improve the health and well-being of children.  Our team of MJPNI experts focus on advancing scientific understanding, engaging with global experts and enabling innovation to inform the development of nutrition solutions.  Since June of 2017, MJN has been part of

Miris AB
Kungsgatan 115
Booth #: 12

Target fortification is used to tailor human milk for the individual preterm infant's nutritional needs by analysing the milk prior to fortification. By knowing the macronutrient composition of human milk it becomes easy to identify the fortification needed. Miris Human Milk Analyzer gives the energy, fat, carbohydrate and protein content in breast milk within minutes using a small sample volume and is the only analyser approved for clinical use in Europe and USA.

Av. Nestlé 55
Booth #: 04

Nestlé helps the next generation of children to develop their full potential and live healthier lives by providing high quality, innovative, science-proven nutrition solutions and education for mothers and infants in the crucial first 1000 Days' of life. Together, nurturing a healthier generation.  The Nestlé Nutrition Institute (NNI), as a non for profit association in Switzerland, shares leading science based information and education with practicing health professionals in all parts of the world. NNI is the world's largest private publisher of nutritional information. All exclusive resources from world leading experts are available to registered members at

55 avenue Hoche

Novalac is a complete nutritional range created for every baby's need. For each infant 's trouble, Novalac offers a dietary solution. With over 25 years of research and clinical trials, Novalac is a pioneer in infant dietary management solutions since 1991, and boasts an international presence. The efficacy of Novalac formulas is evidenced in published clinical trials, and babies formulas are marketed in over 60 countries.

WTC Tower E, 7th floor, Schiphol Boulevard 105,
Schiphol Airport
The Netherlands
Booth #: 03

Nutricia pioneers nutritional solutions that help people live longer, more joyful and healthier lives.  Building on more than a century of nutritional research and innovation, Nutricia continues to transform lives through the power of nutrition.   Nutricia's science-based products and services support healthy growth and development during the first 1000 days. Nutricia also helps to address some of the world's biggest health challenges including conditions in early life such as pre-term birth, faltering growth, food allergy and rare metabolic diseases, as well as age-related conditions and chronic disease, such as frailty, cancer, stroke and early Alzheimer's disease.

Soremartec Italia Srl
Alba (CN)

Soremartec (Société de Recherche de Marketing et Technique) Italia Srl was founded in 1989 as a branch of Ferrero Group, the well-known food brand. The company has its headquarters in Alba, Italy and more than 600 employees. Soremartec's mission is to create and test new products with a strong technological barrier, in order to have improved industrial products with a strong competitive advantages. Soremartec provides to the Ferrero Group performance, information, scientific and clinical studies, for creating and launching new products and for ensuring the continuous process innovation and improving existing ones.

Wisepress LTD
15 Lyon Road
SW19 2RL
Booth #: 10, Europe's leading conference bookseller, has a complete range of books and journals relevant to the themes of the meeting. Books can be purchased at the stand or, if you would rather not carry them, posted to you – Wisepress will deliver worldwide. In addition to attending 200 conferences per year, Wisepress has a comprehensive medical and scientific bookshop online with great offers.

Wyeth Nutrition
7-4 200/5/2 - Rue Entre-deux-Villes 10 - CP
Booth #: 05

For the past 100 years, Wyeth Nutrition has pioneered innovative nutrition science with premium-quality products that meet the needs of infants, young children and adults. Through clinical rigor, scientific research, world-class manufacturing and product safety standards, we deliver scientifically sound solutions that offer parents confidence to help nourish children and support healthy futures, when breastfeeding is not an option. By partnering with mothers, doctors and scientists, we continue to discover and learn what is needed to ensure the best advancement for the health and well-being of future generations. In 2012 Wyeth Nutrition was acquired by Nestlé SA and operates as

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