E-poster Instructions

Presenters are requested to upload their posters electronically. 

The posters will be available for viewing at the E-poster stations. There is no designated time for presentations. Accordingly, you will not need to bring a poster with you, nor to print one in Valencia, but it will be essential for you to prepare your E-poster in good time and upload it before the Conference starts.

Note: All Conference Participants will have the opportunity to view the abstracts via the Conference website and the Mobile App during the Conference. Your E-poster will also be available for viewing on electronic screens in the E-poster Area at the Conference Centre. Any E-poster can be viewed on any screen at any time.

Note: No company logos are allowed on e-posters.


You should have received your personal upload link by email. The deadline for uploading e-posters is February 28, 2019. If you did not received the link to upload please contact support@morressier.com.

After a successful registration you will be able to upload your electronic poster. In order to create your poster, you can download a PowerPoint- or Keynote template which has already the right dimensions and recommended font sizes. After having created the poster, it only needs to be exported into a PDF.


Each poster must be submitted as:

- a single page PDF document

- with a size of 1080 pixels width and 1536 pixels height or 381 mm width and 542 mm height

- in portrait orientation


You can enrich your poster by embedding a video:

- 30 seconds max. length

- max. 1 video

- use .avi, .mp4, .mov, .mpeg


If you have a video embedded your poster has to be saved in the .pptx format. Afterwards upload your PowerPoint poster file online, which includes your video. If you don't have a video included, your poster must be submitted as a PDF. PPT-Files can't be accepted.

eposters template.PNG

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